Pocket Reduction

Pocket Reduction

The purpose of this page is to share with you the reasons why periodontal pocket reduction surgery is the most thorough and common way of controlling gum disease.

This procedure is the most thorough and common way of controlling gum disease. Bacteria, which normally reside in the mouth, can begin to infect the gum tissue. There can be extenuating circumstances that make things worse such as: diabetes, stress, medications, age, etc. With time, if the immune system cannot fight off the infection, the germs attack and destroy the bone that anchors the teeth.

Thus begins the vicious cycle of the disease. Unless we eliminate these “hiding places,” or pockets, the toothbrush and floss will never get to bacterial film, or plaque, as it’s referred.

Gum disease has been called the “silent killer” of teeth because there is usually no pain involved. You have to be diagnosed to know if you have it. There is however, pus formation and pus drainage from the gums along with bad breath or halitosis. Gum disease may even aggravate heart disease and/or diabetes.

Osseous surgery is performed to reduce or eliminate pockets and allow access for thorough teeth cleaning at home. The gum tissue is reflected, like pulling a pocket away from a shirt. Once the gum, bone and roots are meticulously cleaned, debrided of infected tissue and properly contoured, then the gum can re-attach to the tooth. This is much like sewing the pocket back of the shirt. The germs can no longer hide and the infection will resolve.

Of course, surgery has its limitations and it must be performed before it is too late.

What are the benefits of this procedure?

Look at people and what do we see? For most of us a face is what we see first. What is it about the face that exudes warmth, confidence, attraction, health? Usually it’s the smile and with the smile comes the appearance and health of our teeth. Having an attractive, confident smile is important, because others judge us partly in this manner. Having a good smile makes us feel good.

Pocket reduction surgery (also called osseous surgery) is the most complete means of returning our mouth to health once periodontal disease has set in.